Local Community Business Networking

Meeting @KCC 9.15-11.15

Meeting @KCC 9.15-11.15

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K2N offers you the opportunity to network in your local community, in a relaxed atmosphere, where connecting with people comes first and business flows from the philosophy, 'build relationships, build trust, business follows'


With twice monthly meetings and regular social events, its a chance to really build relationships that last.


2nd and 4th Friday's
The Junction Cafe, KCC
Upper Northam Road
Hedge End
SO30 4BZ

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Exclusivity at your home hub is one of our key benefits

For more information click here to contact Karen to discuss.

Once you have completed the appropriate form, one of the K2N team will be back to you to progress.

Why Join?

At K2N we have a mixture of seasoned networkers and those brand new to it.

It is a safe and friendly environment where you can learn how best to promote your business, find answers for the many pressing issues that we as small business owners deal with, and to grow a network of like-minded professionals who can be of help to you and those you know.

And of course, to enjoy building business friendships over cake and coffee!!

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Exclusivity at the hub meeting for your business.
  • Opportunities each month to meet, connect and share your business with a wide variety of other local business owners, who will be actively looking to help and share your business with their network as you will theirs.
  • A Member Spotlight Profile on the website, where K2N and the businesses within, regularly marketing not just K2N with your member spotlight, but individually as businesses on Social Media.
  • Access to the member's WhatsApp group, where you can get help, support, and information.
  • An extended slot on a regular rolling basis to share your business in more depth to the whole room.

How much does it cost?

We encourage people to come for a visit, to see what goes on and the value in being a member. 

Your first visit is complimentary, and a second is £5, including tea/coffee and cake. This fee is payable on the day by card.

To enjoy all the benefits of Membership as listed, the fee is just £30 a month, which includes all refreshments at twice monthly meetings, website, social media and the private members' groups.  This is paid by DD and invoiced directly to you,  with a 30 days notice period to cease membership.

What is my commitment?

meeting a month.

Membership is on a rolling monthly basis.


Member Spotlights

Get to know our members a little better!

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K2 Utilities

K2 Utilities, partner with 2 excellent companies, to offer the following wide range of utilities and services, for the domestic or business customer: Energy, Internet and phone line, Mobiles, Water, Card Payment services and Insurance. With 10 years in the utility business, our client base has been built on trust and excellent customer support. Offering…

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Vision and Values for the Group

  • Our vision is simple; to bring local people and their businesses together in an ‘informally formal’ atmosphere, a gathering of local business meetings to build relationships and support each other.
  • To help one another through knowledge and information, as connectors to others who can be of help to someone; it might be mentoring someone informally who is new to the networking game, and being intentional about getting to know the other businesses in the room, following up with 121’s, and looking for opportunities to bring business to each other.
  • Referrals will be encouraged as part of what the members do naturally for each other, however, we will not be tracking and recording these, instead, we will ask members to let K2 know when they have done business in the group and to publicly, at the meetings, thank the member who passed the business.
  • To help facilitate discussion and for the members to gain connections, enhancing their business through relationships and knowledge. 
  • To be a place where people and relationships come first and where we can all be part of the solution to help life and in particular local businesses.

Meeting Agenda

9.15 am - Welcome & Start of the meeting

Session 1  - Small group table chat  

Session 2 - Small group table chat 

Session 3 - Member Spotlight

Final 15 minutes - Round robin of all in the room

11.15am - Meeting finish

Post meeting attendees can stay and network should they wish.

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